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3D Solution

Meet with one of our experts to learn how to adopt the Touch experience at your sales office.


/ Bénéfits

Speed up the sales process by projecting your prospects into their new space.

Equip your sales office with the modern tools you need to captivate, inform, and close sales.

Sell faster

We have the tools that adapt to the new demands of buyers. You’ll qualify your clients and sell your projects more quickly.

Obtain more Informations

The 3D solution from Livya is perfect for experiencing and visualizing a pre-construction project in a sales office.

Seduce your clients

Livya’s digital environment allows for simple navigation, giving ample room for your prospects to immerse themselves in the rich spaces you offer.


/ Features

Our unique 3D sales solution will energize your sales.

It features a 50-inch 4K touchscreen where consumers experience their dream space. They can visit available rooms, see the view from the balconies based on the sun’s orientation, and explore the surroundings while indicating their preferences throughout the tour.

Visitors will navigate through the rooms of available units and common areas autonomously by interacting with a touchscreen television.

Bring the neighborhood and surroundings to life by offering balcony views from daylight to nighttime landscapes.

Provide your buyers with information about the various advantages, configurations, and restrictions of your establishment.

By visiting the available spaces, buyers can save their favorite units, configurations, and finishes. These favorites will result in the creation of a brochure tailored to their interests, which will be sent directly to their email address.

Allow buyers to select units and configure their space using our floor plan selector.

Your visitors will have the opportunity to explore their new neighbourhood. They will be able to identify establishments that interest them such as grocery store, restaurants, a pharmacy, or others.

Allow prospective buyers to choose the finish for their cabinets, floors, or kitchen. They can visualize and configure their unit according to their preferences.





Frequently asked questions

Yes, visitors have the option to customize their space with a finish configurator for cabinets and floors. This feature provides an interactive experience allowing users to visualize and select different finish options, adding a personal touch to their future property. With our intuitive configurator, visitors can explore and experiment with various options, ensuring customization tailored to their preferences.

Yes, Livya offers a balcony view feature. This functionality provides visitors with a visual preview of their surroundings from their future balcony, helping them better understand the location and make informed decisions during their real estate search.

Yes, Livya provides the opportunity to inform potential buyers about all aspects related to units and common spaces. By providing detailed and easily accessible information, our platform enables visitors to make informed decisions by exploring the details of different units and understanding the features of common areas. This creates a transparent experience that enhances buyers’ confidence in their real estate decision-making process.


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