Bridge the gap between real estate professionals and buyers to break down growth barriers.



Livya specializes in creating innovative sales tools in the real estate industry to transform how you interact with potential buyers and optimize the success of your projects.

At Livya, we optimize the sales process for real estate professionals to achieve faster results and maximize return on investment. We offer a suite of digital tools to engage, inform, and qualify visitors virtually or in person.


/ Principals

Contribute to the future of the real estate industry by enabling the development of suitable living environments in harmony with the environment and the community.

Fulfill your spaces.

Talk to an expert

Our qualified experts are trained to extract the maximum potential from your project.


/ Leadership

Our Team of Leaders

Charles-Hubert Déry


Comptable de formation, Charles-Hubert œuvre dans l’entrepreneuriat depuis plus de 20 ans. Il a accompagné plus d’une centaine d’entreprises en gestion conseil, notamment par la réalisation de plans d’affaires, de prévisions financières et de recherche de financement. Avant Livya, il a fondé deux SaaS dans le domaine de la comptabilité.

Francis Lessard


Architect by training, Francis has been working in the real estate industry for over 25 years. He presides over Graph Synergie, among other roles, an agency specializing in real estate marketing. A true reference in the field, he is regularly invited to be a panellist or speaker at real estate events. His extensive network makes him the perfect spokesperson to promote Livya at both national and international levels.

Ulric Caron

Sales Director

Notary by training, Ulric has been involved in the Quebec real estate industry for several years. Previously a business development manager for a multinational title insurance company and having advised several real estate companies on transactional and financial matters, he joins Livya as Director of Business Development. Passionate about real estate, his extensive network of influence and strategic market knowledge have helped build strong relationships with our partners.



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