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Transform your online and in-person visitors into qualified leads, helping your agents sell faster with engaging visual tools.

Sell faster

Have all the engaging visual tools you need to accelerate customer acquisition.

Complet vision on sales

Get all the necessary data on your potential customers’ interactions with your project to adjust your advertising messages and sales pitches.

Better Qualified prospects

Livya’s tools will demonstrate your professionalism and your desire to adequately guide your future clients. The customer experience will be greatly enhanced, leading to improved qualification for sales.


/ Features

A smooth process for selling faster.

Our comprehensive solution offers the necessary features to boost your sales.

Be ready

Import all your content and sales plans into our interactive tools with our integration experts.

  • Integrate your 3D content, images, videos, 360 images, and documentation.
  • Configure your project: branding, colors, information.
  • Connect Livya to your CRM for better data insights.
  • Import your sales plan and grant permissions to designated individuals.
  • Become self-sufficient with Livya’s tools.
Launch the use of tools online and offline and let visitors fall in love with their future living environment.
  • Launch your advertising campaigns by directing visitors to Livya’s tools.
  • Utilize our tools: web module, 3D solution, and presentation platform.
  • Generate engagement in a personalized buying journey.

Get a detailed dashboard on the performance of your project and adjust your sales and marketing approach accordingly.

  • Track visitor interests: units, floors, common areas, etc.
  • Identify the demographic profile of buyers.
  • Consult reports and recommendations.
  • Address problematic units by adjusting your targeting strategies appropriately.

Fill your agents’ schedules with qualified leads and inform them of all points of interest so they can focus on selling more quickly.

  • Manage the allocation of prospects to agents.
  • Provide all sales data and tools to agents.
  • Manage the inventory availability of units.


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