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Operate your business

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Consolidate your real estate portfolio in one place to optimize your rental or sales process.

Best time management

Centralize vacancy management and your content in one place to be more efficient in your rental and sales operations.

Vision on point of interest.

Livya analyzes visitor behavior on these platforms and reports data to understand visitor interests.

Maximize occupation

Have all the tools at your fingertips to simplify the marketing of your available units and ensure leasing.


/ Features


Have everything you need to manage the vacancies of your asset portfolio.

Be ready

Import all the content and information necessary for renting available units through our integration team.

  • Position your unit content in the right places: 3D, images, videos, 360 images, and documentation.
  • Configure unit pages and the unit selector. Link your CRM to Livya to maximize prospect information.
  • Import your sales plan and grant permissions to designated individuals.

Publish the directory of your available units to maximize your chances of filling vacancies.

  • Direct your visitors to a unified platform.
  • Use our tools: Web module, interactive sales tools, Touch.
  • Generate engagement through modern and proven practices.
  • Inform tenants about all aspects of your buildings.

Analyze the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and leasing efforts through high-quality data.

  • Track visitor interest: building, units, floors, common areas, etc.
  • Determine your personas based on visitor demographic data.
  • Appreciate our reports and recommendations based on your data.
  • Adjust your advertising and sales strategies to address problematic units.

Transfer genuinely interested prospects in the units you offer to your leasing agents.

  • Allocate prospects to your agents according to your business rules.
  • Equip your agents with all the information and tools required for the sale.
  • Centralize all prospect information in one place.
  • Ensure the performance of your agents.

By centralizing the management of your inventory of vacant units, you will greatly optimize your rental operations.

  • Manage availability according to appropriate dates
  • Get the most out of our vacation management tools
  • Adjust your pricing strategy in real-time


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