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Presentation Platform

Meet one of our experts to learn how to work with interactive tools.


/ Bénéfits

Your clients will be captivated by our interactive tools that present all the details of your projects.

Our platform is designed to smoothly and intelligently accommodate your clients, helping you sell faster.

Standardize the buying experience

Whether virtual or in-person, your team will be able to provide the sophisticated buying or renting experience your clients expect.

Offer a personalized journey

Allow your clients to generate their own personalized brochure based on their interests and needs in an environment that reflects your brand.

Generate qualified leads

Learn from the data left by visitors to adjust your messaging, advertisements, pricing, and sales strategies.


/ Features

Generate highly qualified leads by offering a virtual immersive tour.

Your potential clients can visit the spaces you offer through images, videos, and 3D renderings, consult documentation, select units based on their criteria, and visualize their neighborhood on an interactive map.

As visitors browse through your available spaces using our tools, they can save their favorites (units, images, videos, etc.) to generate a personalized brochure that will be sent to them via email.

The visitor can select the unit that suits them based on finishes and configurations. This makes all the necessary information available for decision-making.

Let your visitors explore the surroundings by indicating points of interest such as grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, theaters, or others through an interactive map.

Provide your buyers with information about the various advantages, configurations, and restrictions of your establishment.

Offer a self-guided and remote tour of your spaces. Visitors will appreciate the experience of envisioning themselves as owners or tenants.

Allow prospective buyers to choose finishes and colors for their cabinets, floors, kitchen, etc. This way, they can visualize and customize their dream space.





Frequently asked questions

Yes, thanks to our advanced technology, we make integration with any CRM easy via our API. This means that valuable data collected on our platform can be effortlessly and automatically transferred to your CRM system. This simplified interconnectivity ensures smooth management of information, enabling you to make the most of your data to optimize your sales and customer relationship processes.

Yes, our platform offers advanced tracking functionality that records every click made by visitors. This capability allows us to generate high-value key performance indicators (KPIs). By analyzing visitor behavior through their clicks, we provide deep insights that help you understand preferences and trends. These KPIs are essential for refining your strategy, improving the user experience, and maximizing the effectiveness of your efforts in the real estate industry. All this data is centralized so you never lose track of an opportunity again.

Yes, real estate agents can easily offer guided virtual tours to potential buyers or renters. This feature provides an immersive experience that allows clients to explore properties remotely while receiving direct guidance and information from the agent. This innovative approach streamlines the real estate search process, providing clients with increased flexibility while enabling agents to deliver personalized and efficient service.

Yes, Livya provides the ability to generate and assign sales or rental opportunities to agents. With an intelligent system for tracking leads and analyzing user behavior, our platform identifies the most relevant opportunities and efficiently assigns them to sales or rental agents. You can configure your business rules and internal processes accordingly. This streamlines the opportunity management process, allowing agents to focus on the most promising prospects and optimize their efforts for more successful outcomes.

Yes, our Livya platform seamlessly integrates with your website and is designed to reflect your brand identity, all in a fully customizable format. You’ll be able to display real-time inventory accurately on your website automatically and track buyer preferences to tailor personalized reports.


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