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Meet with one of our experts to learn how to integrate Livya modules into your website.


/ Benefits

Generate better-qualified leads through our engaging modules.

Interacting with our modules keeps your visitors on your website up to five times longer. Your clients will benefit from a highly captivating personalized experience.

Accelerate time-to-market

Our customizable modules, tailored to your project’s image, seamlessly integrate into your existing or under-development website with just a few clicks.

Learn from your visitors

Learn from the data left by visitors to adjust your marketing and sales strategies.

Generate Leads

Convert visitors into leads with our interactive modules. You’ll obtain their purchasing profile and contact information, allowing you to tailor your sales pitch.


/ Features

Add pre-developed features to your website that engage, captivate, and persuade visitors.

No need to develop expensive features that already exist and can be perfectly adapted to your website.

Offer the opportunity to showcase the layout of your entire project by allowing visitors to navigate through floors in a simple and interactive way on your website.

Visitors can select units, finishes, and options. They can view and reserve units based on their features, availability, and price.

Convert visitors into leads with our integrated contact form system in our sales and presentation tools.

Convert visitors into leads with our contact form system linked to our contact tracking system.

Allow visitors to explore the rooms of your units through a 360-degree tour, so they can envision themselves in their dream space. (This feature requires the involvement of a partner.)

Offer your visitors the opportunity to select the finish of kitchen and bathroom cabinets or the flooring of the rooms that suit them. (This feature requires the involvement of a partner.)





Frequently Asked Questions

Oui, it’s possible to customize the modules to match the style of your project, meaning you can personalize the visual and functional elements of the website according to your aesthetic preferences and specific needs. This ensures a unique user experience that aligns with your visual identity.

Yes, multilingual management of modules offers the possibility of displaying your content in several languages. This way, you will provide a smooth and personalized user experience, while allowing users to choose the language that suits them best. This involves the translation of content, features and information.

Yes, SEO indexing is optimized to maximize visibility on search engines. We optimize module structure, meta tags, URLs and content to promote effective indexing by search engines such as Google. The goal is to improve the relevance and position of a site in search results, thereby increasing its visibility and attracting qualified traffic.

Yes, we offer comprehensive documentation for module integration, including a detailed set of instructions, explanations, and guides to facilitate configuration and customization of features.


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